Woman Looking for New Job While on Her Lunch Break Is Busted as She's Filmed by Illinois News Crew

Ja'Naea Modest was outed after she appeared on the news.

An Illinois woman was caught looking for a job while on a lunch break at her current gig. 

Ja'Naea Modest, of Champaign, Illinois, wanted to be discreet and didn’t want her boss to know she was job hunting, but she had no idea her search would end up on the local news. 

The 33-year-old was filmed Friday afternoon sitting at her laptop at a job fair and sending out resumes when local news caught her. 
The shot lasted just three seconds and it was enough for her friend's father to take notice when it aired on TV. He later alerted Modest about the news. 

Figuring the secret was out, Modest later posted a screen grab on her Facebook page with the caption: "So I didn't want my current job to know I’m looking for another job. Why the damn news filmed me at the job fair. Smh."

Her boss is currently on vacation and might not have seen the moment.

"I wanted to tell them, I didn’t want [the news] to tell them," she told Inside Edition. 

Since the story has circulated, Modest has not yet received any job offers.