New Hampshire Police Are Asking the Public's Help in Locating Masked Reindeer Wanted in String of Burglaries

Composite sketch of suspect, and one of his antlers

The four-legged suspect shattered the window of Barnstead Elementary School on Nov. 28, leaving behind one of its five-point antlers, officials said. 

New Hampshire police are asking the public if they have seen this reindeer. 

The four-legged suspect shattered the window of Barnstead Elementary School on Nov. 28, leaving behind one of its five-point antlers, officials said. 

 A sketch of the “four-legged suspect” was created of the deer wearing a black burglar mask after a report of a burglary came in from a local resident who noticed the school’s front glass window had been smashed, according to a release by the Barnstead Police Department.

A citizen driving past the school alerted the authorities. When they arrived around 12:20 p.m. they found a ten-point buck. He had apparently broken through a second window. 

Police called for backup, including the Barnstead Fire Department, in pursuit of the hoofed animal, who was last seen running down Maple Street.  

“Officer Cookinham gave chase pursuing the four-legged suspect who was to swift for the officer, in the distance a voice could be heard yelling 'On Dancer!!!' and in the blink of an eye the suspect was gone,” officials said, according to the release.

The deer’s antler had been found at the scene and is currently being sent to “a crime lab to check for DNA,” officials said.

Barnstead police believe that the buck is part of an organized crime group breaking into buildings in New Hampshire.

Earlier in the day, there was another report of a deer sighting when the Goffstown police department, approximately 30 miles away from Barnstead, responded to a call of a buck inside an auto-repair shop.

When police arrived at the scene, the suspect apparently galloped away.

Barnstead officers said they will be working with the Goffstown police and other law enforcement agencies to try to “match hoof prints,” surveillance and booking photos to see if this is the same suspect from the Goffstown burglary or another member of this organized crime group. 

Authorities said the deer’s hoof-prints were lifted from the school and will be sent through the Automated Fingerprint Identification System “to see if this suspect has been arrested before or is wanted,” according to a spokesperson with the Barnstead Police Department, The Miami Herald reported. 

Inside Edition Digital contacted the Barnstead Police Department to learn of any new developments in the case.

Chief Paul Poirier told Inside Edition Digital that the buck has "not been captured," but will keep the public posted as new information comes in.

"We are on its tail," the police chief said. "We are sure we all have him in custody by next week or sooner.”

Poirer added: “Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end," he laughed. "This is sure to have a good ending."

Upon hearing the news, local residents went to the police department’s Facebook page trying to assist and to provide leads.

“I recognize him,” wrote one person.

“I love the composite sketch,” said another.

“Might be one of Santa’s reindeer's on the run,” someone joked. 

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