New Hampshire Woman Applies for Job at Jail, Gets Arrested Instead

Kristina Hoefs was arrested on a theft charge.
Kristina Hoefs was a wanted woman. Manchester County Jail

A New Hampshire woman seeking a job as a corrections officer got busted instead when a background check showed she was wanted for theft, according to police.

Kristina Hoefs, 31, walked into the Valley Street Jail in Manchester, where she filled out an application for employment, authorities said. 

"She came in, we asked for permission to conduct a background check and she was rather nonchalant about it," jail superintendent Dave Dionne told the New Hampshire Union Leader Wednesday. 

The check determined that Hoefs was wanted for theft in Maine, officials said.

"Manchester police came in, asked her if she was Kristina Hoefs, then asked her if she wouldn't mind stepping outside," Dionne said. "Next thing I knew they are taking her away in the paddy wagon. Never seen anything like it before. She didn't seem surprised."

A phone message left by with Manchester police was not immediately returned Wednesday.


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