New Jeffrey Epstein Accuser Says She Was Raped by Billionaire While in High School

Jennifer Aroaz said she was just a freshman in high school when Jeffrey Epstein "forcefully raped" her.

A new accuser is coming forward claiming she was raped by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein when she was a high school freshman. 

Jennifer Araoz told her harrowing story to the "Today" show's Savannah Guthrie Wednesday morning. 

“He raped me. Forcefully raped me. He knew exactly what he was doing,” she said.  

Araoz said she was attending a New York public school for aspiring actors, singers and dancers. It's only about three-quarters of a mile from Epstein’s mansion. She said that in 2001, a woman approached outside the school and gradually befriended her. Araoz said she told her she knew a man who could help fulfill her dreams of a career on Broadway.  

“She was definitely trying to get to know me. Trying to find out who I was where I was from who I lived with,” Araoz said.

She said she was taken to Epstein’s mansion and persuaded to give him weekly massages when she was 14.

“He knew very well my age,” she said. 

She said after she turned 15 one massage session ended in rape.

“He very forcefully kind of brought me to the table and I just did what he told me to do. I was really scared. I didn't necessarily think he was necessarily going to rape me," she said. 

She is also providing new insight into the bizarre world inside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion. 

“There was a bathtub that was kind of open and there were prosthetic breasts that he could play with while he was taking a bath,” she said. 

She said she is filing a lawsuit against the Wall Street tycoon for causing extreme emotional injuries.

"She was from broken home, she lived with a single mom who was on welfare, so money was an issue for her. Jennifer was the very kind of young girl that a guy like Jeffrey Epstein would prey upon," her lawyer, David Kaiser, told Inside Edition. 

Araoz said she feels guilty for not reporting the alleged rape at the time.

“If I wasn’t afraid to come forward sooner, maybe he would not have done it to other girls,” Araoz said.