New Orleans Saints Cheerleader Bailey Davis Claims She Was Fired for Posing in Racy Bodysuit

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Could a photo be deemed too sexy for an NFL cheerleader to post on social media? 

Bailey Davis says she was fired from the New Orleans Saints cheerleading squad after a photo showing her in a lacy bodysuit was posted to her private Instagram page.

The cheerleading squad, known as the "Saintsations," wears short skirts and skimpy tops on the sidelines, but they are restricted from posting any photos on social media that show them "nude, seminude, or wearing lingerie."

The 22-year-old says she was shocked after she was let go from the squad for posting the photo.  

She told Inside Edition that the lace bodysuit is lined and was keeping her modesty intact.  

“They told me it was distasteful," she said. "They said it was because 'I had a dirty face' in the photo which was attracting attention of players."

According to the squad's code of conduct, cheerleaders are also forbidden from "fraternizing" with players.   

"We have been told that these rules are in place to protect us from them prying on us," she told Inside Edition. 

Davis' attorney, Sara Blackwell added: "It wasn't a Halloween costume. It wasn't lingerie. It was a professional picture. There was nothing revealing."

Davis brought a complaint to the EEOC, saying she was fired because of her gender.

The Saints said in a statement that they treat all employees fairly, adding that “Ms. Davis was not discriminated against."


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