New Year Brings Giant Lines for Salad Joints Across America

The lines are testing the patience of those trying to eat healthily in 2019.

New year, new you and longer lines for salad. 

Lines around the country at salad joints are out of control as people try to keep their resolutions to eat healthy going strong. 

"I'm trying to get rid of this little gut," one customer told Inside Edition.

At a Sweetgreen in Washington, D.C., the queue stretched out the door and down the block, while it was complete chaos at a Little Beet in New York. 

But not all salads are created equal. Inside Edition caught up with nutritionist Joy Bauer at a Sweetgreen in New York to learn what toppings you should lean in to, and which ones you should avoid. 

"I started with a base of leafy greens, I added mesclun, I added a little bit of spinach leaves, you could do romaine, and then I loaded on the colorful vegetables," Bauer said.

Creamy dressing should be avoided, as should croutons, she warned. Otherwise, your "healthy" salad could rival a burger in calories.