New York 104-Year-Old Votes for the 21st Time in Presidential Election

Samuel Bovalino cast his vote in the presidential election. (Credit: CNYCENTRAL.COM)

A 104-year-old man in New York proudly submitted his ballot in the 2020 election to mark his 21st time voting. Samuel Bovalino, who lives in Syracuse, first voted in 1940 when Franklin D. Roosevelt beat Republican Wendell Willkie to become the first president in history to earn a third term in office.

Bovalino said he understands the importance of voting, and cast his Tuesday ballot at Saint Patrick’s School.

"I do believe in voting," Bovalino told CNY Central. ”It is a wonderful thing and very important that you do it every time.”

He said his favorite president thus far has been John F. Kennedy.

In a picture capturing the moment, Bovalino can be seen sitting down to fill out his ballot. He couldn’t wear a mask to vote for medical reasons. He said he didn’t want to say anything about the current candidates, instead choosing to let his “vote speak to that.”

A winner for the 2020 presidential election has yet to be decided as several states are still votes.


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