New York Italian Restaurant Offers Limited 1980s Menu and Prices for Anniversary

Plate of spaghettiPlate of spaghetti
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La Bussola Ristorante is giving its patrons a throwback to the 1980s as a celebration of its 42 years in business.

To celebrate its 42nd anniversary, La Bussola Ristorante in Glen Cove, New York, will offer its original menu from 1980.

Not only will the menu have the original offerings, but they will be offered at their original prices. For example, veal will run you less than $20, and chicken cacciatore all of $9.

During the month of April this year, patrons can expect to spend money on their dinner without the inflation, thanks to a month-long anniversary special.

The Italian restaurant has been open for over four decades and spans three locations, all run by four Lubrano brothers.

To get an idea of what 1980s nostalgia La Bussola has to offer, you can view the full retro menu here.

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