New York Man Scratches, and Spits at Passengers While Trying to Exit Moving Bus Through a Window

High Angle View Of Road In City
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The incident began when the man got on the bus without a mask and ignored the driver when asked to put one on.

TikToker Zeeshan Saroya, aka Princezee, shared disturbing video of a recent incident that happened in Harlem.

"Meanwhile in NYC," he captioned the clip of a commuter on an M60 bus trying to exit the window of the vehicle as it was moving.

As he is grabbing his stuff and trying to escape, fellow passengers try to keep him from jumping. He then got agitated and began yelling, scratching, and biting at the people trying to help him.

A few times in the video, he even attempts to spit at the man trying the hardest to help him.

As the incident unfolded, other passengers were yelling at the bus driver to stop. When it did, the man got his things and fully exited through the window.

The occurrence began when the jumper got on the bus without a mask and ignored the driver's request to put one on, according to the New York Post. The man then got riled up when he apparently missed his stop.

"Dumb stunts are dangerous, disruptive to riders trying to get to destinations on time," an MTA spokesperson said.

"It was nice to see New Yorkers try to help him out, but then the guy flipped the script like, 'Screw you, get out of here,'" Saroya told the New York Post.

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