Newborn Boy Abandoned in Arizona Airport Bathroom: 'Hopefully Someone Saw Something'

A newborn boy was found in an Arizona airport bathroom.
Police are trying to find the infant's mother. iStock

An hours-old infant has been found abandoned in a bathroom outside Tucson International Airport, police said.

The baby was discovered Sunday night by an employee. The boy appeared to have been born that night, and was lying on a changing table, wrapped tightly and cleaned up, in a bathroom adjacent to the facility's rental car offices.

Authorities are trying to determine whether the baby was delivered in the women's room, airport police spokeswoman Jessie Butler told Monday.

Investigators are watching surveillance footage from several cameras trying to find an image that would lead them to the child's mother, Butler said. Police are also interviewing passengers who were in the area at about 9:30 p.m.

"Hopefully someone saw something," Butler said.

First responders examined the baby and he appeared healthy. He was transported to a nearby hospital while police try to find his parents.

No one has come forward with information about the child, Butler said. A photo of the infant was not released.


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