Newborn Miraculously Survives Being Buried Alive in Shallow Grave in Cemetery: Report

The baby is in the NICU.
police handout

A baby girl was found buried alive in a cemetery in India. 

The baby was found on Oct. 10 by a couple who was at the cemetery to lay their own child, who had died in the hospital, to rest, CNN reported. 

When they began digging, they heard an infant crying and made the astounding discovery. 

“As they dug up two or three feet of dirt, they found a baby girl who had been buried in an earthen pot,” Abhinandan Singh, superintendent of police for Bareilly district, told the news outlet.

The child was reportedly wrapped in a cloth and had been underground for about six hours. The couple flagged down a security guard on the property and the baby was transported to the hospital, where she remains in the NICU, according to CNN. 

The infant is currently on a ventilator and has several infections, but is still miraculously surviving, weighing only 3.3 pounds. 

Police believe the burial was a case of attempted infanticide. Having daughters in the country is looked down upon. India has one of the highest female infanticide rates in the world. 


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