Newlywed Couple Hit by Rogue Wave While Posing for Wedding Photos

The couple is not mad about the experience, which was caught on camera.

A couple was posing for their wedding photos on the edge of a cliff recently when a giant wave crashed on top of them out of nowhere. 

Newlyweds Jenny McCauley and Kirea Lovell got slammed by a monster wave while posing for their wedding photos on Aug. 30. 

“I heard the camera man go, 'You guys should be scared.' And I thought he was kidding, so I started cracking up, and within a second it just poured on us,” McCauley told Inside Edition. 

“I kinda just sat there in shock, like, ‘Did that really just happen? Is this real life?’” Lovell added. 

The photographer captured the very moment the wave came crashing in. 

The newlyweds were drenched and their white bridal gowns were soaked from the wave. 

Jayden Barrientos caught the whole situation on his cellphone. 

“I was like, 'You know what? They're in the right place and the wave is coming. So I need to get my phone out,'" he told Inside Edition. “Sure enough, it just crushed them.” 

The couple told Inside Edition that they are not angry they got soaked. 

"The photos are totally worth it," Lovell said.