Newlyweds Admit They Didn’t Take Enough Precautions for Wedding That Turned Into Super Spreader Event

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An Ohio couple’s wedding became a super spreader event. Now they are speaking out, saying they also got COVID-19, and they admit they didn’t take enough precautions.

Mikayla and Anthony Bishop said “I do” on Halloween. They had 83 guests and 32 of them ending up testing positive for coronavirus.

"I didn't think that almost half of our wedding guests were gonna get sick,” Micakyla told Inside Edition.

The newlyweds say they provided masks and hand sanitizer, but hardly anyone used them.

"Every single day we're getting a call. Oh, here's another person. Here's another person. Here's another person. And it starts to take a toll on you,” Mikayla said.

Other couples have taken heat for going ahead with their weddings. In Los Angeles, a news chopper hovered over one wedding blowout as a bride danced the night away with not a mask in sight.

The Bishops say they started showing symptoms en route to their honeymoon in North Carolina. Now they are expressing regret for going forward with their big day during the pandemic.

“You’re in the moment. You’re having fun. You don’t think about COVID,” Mickayla said.

The bride suspects most people became infected on the dance floor because she says guests were face-to-face with no masks.


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