News Networks Struggle With Reporting on Trump's Cursing

The president said statements about him and his staff in the Mueller report are "B.S." — and he didn't use just the letters.

The president's potty mouth is at it again.

One day after Robert Mueller's report dropped, President Trump took  to Twitter, saying, "Statements are made about me by certain people in the Crazy Mueller Report ... which are fabricated & totally untrue ... Some of which are total bulls---!!"

Television reporters grappled with how to report on the uncensored tweet.

CNN's anchor just came out and said it: "I'm quoting the president of the United States right now. The Mueller report is, quote, total bulls---."

MSNBC opted for initials: "He is not happy with some of this. Part of the reports are B.S. He didn't use the letters."

Trump has used the curse word before at rallies.

What is he so mad about?

A passage in the report quotes him reacting to the appointment of a special counsel by saying, "My presidency is over. I'm f-----."