Nikolas Cruz Seen Giggling and Smiling While Behind Bars: Reports

Details of the Parkland shooting suspect's time in prison has been revealed.

Newly released observation reports show what Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz’s life is like as he sits behind bars in the Broward County Jail. 

Due to his notoriety, Cruz is living in isolation in a cell in the facility's infirmary, according to the documents, which are mostly notes by jail employees.

“They are snippet observations from corrections officers and are not clinical impressions made by his treating psychologist or psychiatrist at the jail," Chief Assistant Public Defender Gordon Weekes said in a statement obtained by CNN. "They don't show a complete picture. They are generated because Mr. Cruz has a high-profile case and is on suicide watch."

The reports from Feb. 17-24, indicate that he started in the infirmary before he was moved to a different cell on the 23rd. 

On Feb. 18 he refused breakfast and deputies say they saw him "lying on his back staring at the ceiling"

The next day, he was seen in his cell with a blank stare. His speech was “slow and sometimes slurred.” 

After meeting with his lawyer on Feb. 20, Cruz "was also observed smiling and giggling."

On Feb. 22, his lunch consisted of four slices of bread, an apple, jelly, a peanut butter cookie, a bag of cookies and juice.

Cruz was reported to be “restless” in the early morning hours of the day but after lunch, he met with his lawyer where a deputy described his communication as "engaged, conversating, understanding what was being said” with his council. 

Two days later, on the 24, he asked for a copy of the Bible. 

He also had a visit with an unidentified member of his family. 

During many of the daily reports, deputies say that he has had a hard time sleeping. 

On the night of the 24th, for instance, deputies wrote that Cruz “[twists] and turns in bunk, does not sleep, stares at wall in deep thought, eyes closed, appears to be resting, not asleep."