NJ Multi-Vehicle Crash Prompts Corpse to Fly Out of Vehicle and a Horse to Stand Idle on Side of Road: Police

Images of Friday's multi-vehicle crash on New Jersey highway.
Paramus Police Department

One of the people injured said everything happened within seconds, “loud tires screeching with BOOM BOOM BOOM AND BOOM,” a report said.

A multi-vehicle crash on a New Jersey highway prompted a bizarre chain of events that involved a human corpse flying out of a minivan and a horse, officials said, according to a published news report.

The accident took place along Route 17 South in the area of Route 4 on Friday around 3:45 p.m. The Paramus Police Department said the crash involved a horse trailer and a funeral home livery vehicle, according to a statement Paramus police posted on Facebook. 

Police said three people were hospitalized with no injuries being reported as serious. The horse from the trailer also escaped uninjured, the statement said. 

According to Paramus Police Kenneth Ehrenberg, the body had been on a stretcher and was wrapped in a sheet when it was ejected out of the Honda Odyssey. The body did not incur any damage, he said, The Daily Voice reported

The multi-vehicle accident started when the pickup truck pulling the trailer rear-ended a Jeep Wrangler, which prompted the collision that also involved a sedan and one other vehicle, the Daily Voice reported. 

Many witnesses were shocked when they saw the corpse flying out of the transport vehicle and the horse.

Brittany Garabedian, the driver of the Jeep, suffered a concussion and was hospitalized.

She explained how everything happened within seconds, “loud tires screeching with BOOM BOOM BOOM AND BOOM,” the Daily Voice reported. 

“I hit my head and nose so hard on the steering wheel I couldn't move or get out to help anyone else,” Garabedian said, noting the impact.

“I was hit so hard my rear glass ended on the hood of the Jeep."

Describing the ordeal as  “very scary,” she praised the EMTs and paramedics that were on the scene.

The police chief said that many of the other drivers and passengers had refused medical attention.

While this was all taking place, a witness said the horse and handler were on the side of the road. The horse was eating some grass, waiting for another trailer to pick them up. While another transport vehicle was also summoned to collect the corpse, The Daily Beast reported

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