Texas Policewoman Saves Unconscious Passenger After Car Crashes and Bursts Into Flames

Officer Bianca Garcia's quick thinking helped save the passenger of the vehicle after the accident.

A literal race against time, all caught on an officer's bodycam.

Officer Bianca Garcia was the first to arrive after a car crashed and caught on fire in San Antonio, Texas. The driver had gotten out, but her friend was still trapped inside.

Determined to get the friend out one way or another, the 27-year-old officer tried pulling on the passenger door but couldn't get it open.

She ran around to the driver's side, where heavy smoke clouded her view. Eventually, she could spot the unconscious woman's hands, and Officer Garcia kept on tugging until she started to move.

Different camera angles showed flames growing while backup arrives.

Miraculously, everyone survived and sustained only minor injuries. The cause of the crash is now under investigation.

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