No One Injured At Scene of Harvey Weinstein August Car Crash, According to Police Report and 911 Call

The police report filed after Harvey Weinstein's crash in August says “No injuries to driver,” and twice, in boxes headed “Number injured,” officials noted “0.”

Disgraced movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and those close to him have maintained the car crash he was involved in earlier this year was so serious, it left him needing major surgery and reliant on a walker. But responders who rushed to the scene that August day reported no one was actually injured that day, according to a police report and 911 call exclusively obtained by Inside Edition. 

Weinstein, 67, was driving in Westchester County, an area north of New York City, on Aug. 17 when his Jeep crashed into a tree. 

“We’ve got a bad accident. A car flipped,” said a 911 caller at 9:01 a.m. that day. “The guy’s okay, but the car flipped and it’s in the road.”

The police report filed that day and obtained by Inside Edition noted Weinstein said he “tried to avoid a deer in the roadway,” at which point his Jeep “left the road, striking a tree, causing the vehicle to overturn onto its side.”

The report also says “No injuries to driver,” and twice, in boxes headed “Number injured,” officials noted “0.”

Weinstein has used a walker at a recent court appearance, leaving some questioning if he is faking an injury to elicit sympathy. Those skeptical of his injuries have also pointed to his attending a comedy show in New York in October.  

After one court appearance, Weinstein’s attorney insisted that he was genuinely injured, saying he was in “a serious car accident in August, which resulted in a concussion.”

And earlier this month, photos of Weinstein recuperating after undergoing back surgery ran in the New York Post, which noted “he said he sustained the back injury in an Aug. 17 car accident.”

A spokesperson for Weinstein said in a statement to Inside Edition: "No injuries requiring an ambulance is true. The pain grew worse over time."