North Carolina Couple Attacked by Rabid Bobcat in Driveway Speaks Out About Terrifying Ordeal

Kristi and Happy Wade are undergoing treatment after a rabid bobcat attacked them in their driveway. The shocking incident was captured on surveillance camera. They spoke to Inside Edition about the incident.

A North Carolina couple is speaking out about the moment they were attacked by a rabid bobcat in a terrifying ordeal captured on surveillance camera. Kristi Wade was in her driveway when the bobcat lunged at her, biting down on her hand.

“It bit down on my left hand and then, within a few seconds, it just crawled right up my back,” Kristi told Inside Edition.

Her husband Happy jumped into action.

“I just saw its head and face. Its mouth was open and it was going at her neck. I was able to shove my hand in there and it bit me on my arm,” Happy said.

Then, he held the bobcat over his head and threw it across the yard. “I decided to sling it as far as I could,” Happy said.

He whipped out his pistol and shot the bobcat in the shoulder. When police arrived, they put the animal down.

The couple were both bitten three times, and Kristi had more than 20 puncture wounds.

“We're very fortunate that we've healed. We had more mental scars than we had physical scars,” Kristi said.

The couple is undergoing extensive vaccinations — 30 rabies shots each.

“It's the scariest thing I've ever experienced in my entire life. If I had been by myself that day I don't know what kind of condition I would be in. My husband here saved my life,” Kristi said.

It turns out, the animal had assaulted another neighbor before coming to the couple’s house.

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