Not in the Christmas Spirit? 'Rudolph's Rage Room' Allows People to Smash Away Holiday Stress

The room was open for just one day.

People in London are paying $25 to swing a baseball bat at a Christmas tree, proving that the holiday spirit may not be alive and well inside everyone.

For just three minutes, people who loathe the holiday season can don a red jumpsuit, wear protective goggles and beat up a fully decorated Christmas tree for $25 unleash their rage against the season.

A creative events group came up with the idea to help people relax and release their frustrations inside “Rudolph’s Rage Room.” 

“Everybody has loved it universally, whether they hate Christmas or they love Christmas,” organizer Meredith O'Shaughnessy told CBS News. 

The room ran for just one day, Monday, which was enough time for plenty of for Londoners to get their Christmas or anti-Christmas anger out. 

“By this date, I think people are pretty sick of the Christmas music — all the decorations — I think people are done with it and wanna get out some of that stress,” London resident Clare Morris told CBS News.