Nun Celebrates 100th Birthday at Denny's, Credits Her Long Life to Daily Visits to the Restaurant

Every day for nearly 25 years, Sister Marie Alice LaGace orders one egg, one piece of toast with one pack of grape jelly and one coffee.

A Florida nun celebrated her 100th birthday doing what she knows best — enjoying breakfast at Denny’s.

On Tuesday, a Port St. Lucie Denny’s restaurant threw a birthday to remember for Sister Marie Alice LaGace, who says her secret to a long life is loving god, loving one another and daily trips to Denny’s.

"It is to us a wonderful thing to have you come in every single day," Maurice Warrington, the general manager of the Denny’s location, said in a speech. "It just radiates good will and peace. And look, Sister, this is what you do, this is what you’ve done your whole life — raise a whole community."

Every day for nearly 25 years, Sister LaGace has frequented the same Denny’s after church, where she orders one egg, one piece of toast with a pack of grape jelly and a coffee.

As a birthday present, Denny’s dedicated to her the same booth she sits in every day.

The restaurant also had a cheekier gift to the nun — a ruler — to symbolize the long-held belief of nuns as strict disciplinarians.