NY Yankees Honor 10-Year-Old Girl Who Beaned Politician in the Head With Water Balloon From 400 Feet

Sign her up! New York Yankees honor 10-year-old girl who went viral after she nailed a politician in the head with a water balloon from 400 feet.

She throws like a girl!

Alexa Cardona, the 10-year-old New York girl who went viral after she nailed a local politician in the head during a holiday parade, got some love this week from the Yankees baseball team.

The Major League Baseball franchise invited Cardona and her family to batting practice, where athletes praised her throwing arm. Bruce Blakeman, the Long Island politician she beaned in her town's annual Stewart Manor parade on July 4, was also invited.

Video of the girl throwing a water balloon has amassed 40 million views. She hit Blakeman in the back of the head from a distance of 400 feet. She didn't do anything wrong — parade goers are encouraged to lob water balloons at marchers.

Even Yankee centerfielder Harrison Bader seemed impressed by Cardon's skill. "That was you? Where'd you learn that?" he told the girl.

Blakeman joked that he was going to wear a helmet in next year's parade.

The politician has been good-natured about getting hit in the head. 

“The @Mets and @Yankees could certainly use her!” Blakeman wrote in a tweet, accompanied by a video of the girl's stunning pitch at his head.

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