NYC Is in Search of a Rat Leader to Help Tackle the City’s Vermin Problem

standing rat with red circle with slash though it over it
Twitter/NYC Mayor's Office

New York City Is looking for someone with “killer instinct” to fight the city’s rat problem.

In New York City’s attempt to crack down on rats, the mayor's office has posted a job position looking for a rat boss.

The position calls for someone with a “virulent vehemence for vermin” and “killer instinct” to take on the task of fighting the city’s rat problem. 

The ideal candidate for the rat leader position would be someone with a “swashbuckling attitude, crafty humor, and general aura of badassery."

The position requires the candidate to have a bachelor's degree and offers an estimated salary range of $120,000-$170,000.

This role, as well as four pieces go legislation Mayor Eric Adams signed in November, is aimed to tackle the rising rat problem in NYC that Mayor Eric Adams has been battling. 

“This legislation doubles down on our efforts and is another important step to put a dent in our rodent population. Rat-free streets are vital to vibrant neighborhoods and our city’s economic recovery,” said Adams. 

“Rats will hate this job posting. But 8.8 million New Yorkers and your city government stand ready to work with you to reduce the rat population, increase cleanliness, and prevent pestilence,” stated the job posting. 

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