Octomom Celebrates Kids’ 10th Birthday

Natalie Suleman celebrated her octuplets’ 10th birthday, and Inside Edition attended the big party.

Octomom and her famous offspring are jumping for joy as the octuplets turn 10, and Inside Edition was invited to their birthday

Natalie "Nadya" Suleman still has her hands full as her 14 children get bigger and older. 

“Yes, we are struggling,” she said. “Yes, we are in financial hardship.” 

But she says her children are her greatest joy.

“They are incredible supportive. I don’t know what I would do without them,” she told Inside Edition. “As time passes I don’t know what I would do with them. They are angels.” 

Suleman, who is a vegan and raising her kids vegan, says her way of “recharging” is “by trying to lead the healthiest lifestyle as I could.” 

They live in a small three-bedroom home outside Los Angeles. Space is so tight that some kids sleep on the couch.

However, each of the kids helps one another and their single mom around the house by quizzing each other on homework, practicing their instruments and doing chores like cooking, laundry, and dishes. 

Ten years ago, Suleman's pregnancy shocked the world and she was roundly criticized for being irresponsible for have 14 kids. However, today, her kids are happy and healthy, and she hopes she's proven her critics wrong.

“Now that 10 years has gone by, I feel like I can relax and be myself and be real,” she told Inside Edition.