Ohio Husband and Wife Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Are Confident They'll Beat the Disease Together

Jane and Ken Grembling were diagnosed with the disease within a few months of each other. 

A husband and wife married for nearly 50 years are facing a new challenge together: breast cancer

Jane and Ken Gremling were diagnosed with the disease within a few months of each other. Doctors say the chance of husband and wife both having breast cancer together is a statistical improbability. 

But this pair is finding comfort in each other, as difficult as it may be.

"I said, 'Darn it, we've shared everything for 47 years and now we're sharing this?'" Jane told the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, where both are receiving treatment. "... This is getting a little scary."

Perhaps it's not so surprising that the couple married after just three weeks of dating. 

"She was 19 and I was 28, so my first class reunion all my classmates, the women in my class were like, 'You dirty old man,'" Ken said.

"I did tell him if he didn't show up on that date, he was losing the best thing that ever happened to him," added Jane.

They are optimistic that they will beat the disease side by side, as they've done everything else.