Ohio Man Leaves Dog in Hot Car Twice in One Day While at Amusement Park

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An Ohio man locked his dog in this car twice in one hot day before getting a warning from police.(Getty)

Kings Island park security finds a dog locked in amusement park parking lot twice in one day.

An Ohio man received a warning by police after allegedly leaving his dog inside of a car on a hot day, twice, while he went inside an amusement park.

According to Fox19, the City of Mason Police Department released the report, which says an officer was called by a Kings Island amusement park security member regarding a dog that was left in a hot car on June 15.

The small white dog was “panting aggressively” inside of the vehicle when the responding officer approached the car, Fox19 reported.

According to the attending officer, the vehicle's glass was open by about three inches. The temperature inside the car was measured by a thermal scanner at Kings Island security and read between 117 and 118 degrees when the officer showed up around 6 p.m.

Park security informed the officer that three hours prior to his arrival, there had been a confrontation with the dog's owner according to Fox19. Around 3 p.m., Kings Island security saw the dog left inside the locked vehicle for the first time where the temperature in the vehicle read between 120 and 125 degrees, reported Fox19.

Park security opened the vehicle, left a note in the vehicle to let the owner know where the dog was, and took the dog to the first-aid center, as reported by Fox19. The owner later arrived at the center and retrieved the dog.

The dog's owner was leaving the park when cops arrived after the second incident.

Kings Island informed the owner that he was not permitted back in the park for the remainder of the day.

The officer warned the dog's owner that if he returned and saw the dog alone inside the locked car, he would be charged with animal cruelty.

The owner indicated he understood and departed without incident as reported by Fox19.

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