Ohio Woman 'Knowingly' Uses Dog to Attack Child, Charged With Felony Assault and Child Endangerment: Judge

Police photo of Thierauf
Warren County Police Department

After allegedly being filmed using drugs by a neighbor, the county prosecutor claimed Cassie Thierauf had her dog attack the neighbor's child, who was playing outside.

An Ohio woman was charged with felony assault and child endangerment after allegedly using her dog to attack a 6-year-old girl, according to local reports.

Cassie Thierauf, 38, lives on one side of a duplex, while the 6-year-old and her family live on the other side, according to Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell.

The prosecutor said the incident started when Thierauf and another person were in the backyard of the home allegedly taking drugs when the 6-year-old’s mother started filming, according to local outlet WCPO.

Fornshell said that an argument followed and then the child’s mom went inside to call the police, according to local outlet Fox 19.

While the mother was inside, the 6-year-old, her sister, and another girl were playing in the front yard of the home, according to the reports.

Fornshell said that Thierauf allegedly opened the front door, telling her pit bull boxer to “go get them,” according to Fox 19.

According to the outlet, in another video provided to police, officers say she can be heard telling at the girl’s mother, “your kids shouldn’t have f***** with me and my dogs.”

Police say the dog then attacked the 6-year-old, biting her head and body, leaving her with severe injuries to her mouth that needed multiple emergency surgeries, according to reports.

Authorities said that Thierauf claimed the dog got outside because the front door did not close properly, according to Fox 19. 

Thierauf is held on a $25,000 bond and her arraignment is set for Oct. 6, court records show.

Police took the pit bull away from Thierauf, and she has since been evicted from the duplex home, according to Fox 19.

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