Oklahoma Man's Rainbow-Decorated Pickup Truck Sends a Powerful Message

Oklahoma native Cody Barlow found a creative way to show he's an ally during Pride Month.
Credit: Cody Barlow

Oklahoma native Cody Barlow found a creative way to show he's an ally during Pride Month.

Barlow decorated his truck with strips of colorful tape to create a rainbow flag with a powerful message:  “Not all country boys are bigots ... Happy Pride Month.”

He took a photo of his workmanship and posted it on all of his social media platforms, hoping to spread a message of love and acceptance.

He didn't anticipate it would take off the way it did. 

“Initially, just driving around town did not feel like I was getting the message out fast enough,” Barlow told InsideEdition.com via email. “I wanted to do something that could go further and possibly reach more people that truly need to see this.”

Barlow said that the idea came from hearing stories from friends and family about the hardships they have faced as members of the LGBTQ community.

Since taking the photo, Barlow’s post has over 80,000 shares and over 20,000 comments on Facebook. He also has been receiving praise from people that see him driving his car around town, and from friends and family members.

“People give me a thumbs-up, wave, honk or yell out their window in support,” said Barlow.

Barlow also said he plans on going to upcoming pride parades and meeting with some of the people who reached out to him.

“I want to shake their hands or give them a hug and let them know I have been reading their messages and comments and that it all means a lot to me,” said Barlow.


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