Oklahoma Resumes Execution With Inmate Who Dies Vomiting and Convulsing

John Marion Grant
John Marion Grant.Oklahoma Department of Corrections

John Marion Grant was executed for the 1998 murder of a prison cafeteria worker. He died Thursday after vomiting and convulsing after Oklahoma resumed its death penalty after a six-year moratorium.

Oklahoma resumed its death penalty Thursday by administering lethal injections to an inmate who convulsed and vomited after receiving an initial dose, according to a journalist who witnessed the execution.

John Marion Grant, 60, was the first prisoner to be killed since a series of flawed executions in 2014 and 2015 led to a state ban on capital punishment. Grant was serving a 130-year prison sentence for several armed robberies when witnesses say he dragged prison cafeteria worker Gay Carter into a mop closet and stabbed her 16 times with a homemade shank. He was sentenced to death in 1999.