Oldest Person in America Dies at 114: 'She Is a Treasure'

Delphine Gibson passed away at her Pennsylvania nursing home Wednesday.

The oldest person in the United States has died.

Delphine Gibson was 114 when she drew her last breaths at a Pennsylvania nursing home Wednesday, The Asssociated Press reported.

Gibson attributed her incredible longevity to good food and faith.

"Frances and I are saddened to hear of the passing of Delphine Gibson, America's oldest citizen," Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf said in a statement. "She was an incredible Pennsylvanian and she will be missed."

Miranda Glover, a manager at her Huntingdon nursing home, told WJAC last year that Gibson took no medication, even at her advanced age.

"She has an amazing spirit," Glover said. "She always singing to us or sharing the gospel. She is a treasure to the nation."

Gibson was born in South Carolina on her family farm in 1903, the same year the Wright Brothers changed history by making the first sustained motorized flight a state away in North Carolina.

Delphine left the farm in 1928 when she married Taylor Gibson. The couple would eventually follow the path of many African Americans of the day and move to the Northeast in search of manufacturing work.

The couple had three children. Taylor Gibson died in 1980.