Olympic Boxer From Puerto Rico Accused of Killing His Pregnant Girlfriend

Felix Verdejo-Sanchez, aka El Diamante, is reportedly married to another woman, and they have a daughter.

Felix Verdejo-Sanchez, aka El Diamante or The Diamond, was an Olympic boxer who competed in the 2012 London games. Now he’s behind bars awaiting trial, accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend.

According to the Department of Justice, the 27-year-old is charged with kidnapping and carjacking, resulting in the death of Keishla Rodriguez Ortiz. Keishla’s body was discovered in a lagoon near San Juan, Puerto Rico, two days after she was reported missing. 

Keishla’s mother told local media that her daughter was pregnant with Verdejo’s child. He is also charged with killing the unborn child. 

The family is understandably distraught over their loss. "You can't do that! Abusers!” Keila Ortiz, Keishla’s mother, said during a news conference. “My daughter and my grandson were killed! Abusers will pay for this and all those who are involved. Abusers!"

Verdejo is reportedly married to another woman with whom he also has a daughter. According to reports, authorities were informed by a witness who claimed to have been present during the crime that Verdejo planned to terminate Rodriguez’s pregnancy.  

Reports say Felix Verdejo Sanchez turned himself in the day after Rodriguez’s body was found. He is being held without bond.

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