Olympic Gold Medalist Shawn Johnson Reveals She Suffered a Miscarriage in Emotional Video

Playing Olympic Medalist Shawn Johnson Admits She Had a Miscarriage

Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson is revealing she suffered a miscarriage in an emotional video.

The 25-year-old, who is married to pro football player Andrew East, posted a video on her YouTube channel detailing what happened.

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“It's the not happiest video, but we feel like a lot of people go through it, so we wanted to share it,” she said in the introduction to the 20-minute long video. 

The video starts with Johnson crying to the camera after reading pregnancy tests that confirmed she was expecting.

She even documented the moment she told her husband she was pregnant.

But just hours after she shared the great news with her husband, Johnson knew something wasn't right. The cameras were rolling as they headed to the doctor.

“It's been a rough morning,” she said later in the video. “I started having really bad stomach pains and a lot of bleeding, which is not good for a pregnancy."

The doctor confirmed their worst fears: She had lost the baby at eight weeks. 

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By sharing the deeply personal experience, they hope to comfort others going through the same thing.

“It won’t stop us, we’ll start a family here soon,” she declared in the video.