One-Eared Dog Named Van Gogh Couldn’t Get Adopted Until He Started Painting

Money raised for Van Gogh’s painting goes back to his animal rescue, and it helps other dogs find homes too.

A one-eared dog, fittingly named Van Gogh, is a painter just like the artist he’s named after.

For four months, the boxer and pit bull mix was listed as available, but the rescue he was at didn’t get one application.

Jaclyn Gartner of Happily Furever After Rescue got an idea to let the dog paint, which led to him discovering a new passion and getting a new home.

"So I had seen Van Gogh on Facebook….and it was an instant love at first sight he was just absolutely adorable. I fell in love with his big smile and his name and his story,” she said. “He was actually a friendly neighborhood stray, and some dog fighters had picked him up and used him as a bait dog. So he was actually found hiding in a drain pipe covered and you know, scrapes and his ear unfortunately was hanging off. So he was brought in by animal control to the shelter. And unfortunately with the injuries he did have to have his ear amputated.”

Money raised from Van Gogh’s paintings goes back to Jaclyn’s animal rescue, and it helps other dogs find homes too.

“I thought it'd be a cute little gift to give to the potential adopter and he we've learned loved peanut butter,” she said. “We did an art gallery event, and he had made canvases and we had an auction [for] a fundraiser, [and] as well as try to help them find a home. I ended up getting Commission offers from people that wanted to buy his art. So the whole idea completely took off.”

In total they have made $3,500 for Happily Furever After Rescue, and Van Gogh has become quite the popular pooch.

“His most requested piece has definitely been starry night, and I think just because of you know, Van Gogh, that is his most famous painting,” Gartner said.

All of the hype behind his work has led to a happy ending, as Van Gogh has been adopted.

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