Oregon Man Yells Wife's Name to Wake Her Up Via Ring Camera as Wildfire Closes In on Home

As the flames raced up the hillside near their home, Aaron Hulce screamed his sleeping wife's name, Sarah. Video of the April incident was just released.

A panicked man yelled his sleeping’s wife’s name over their Ring camera to warn her of a wildfire closing in on their Oregon home. Aaron Hulce, who was out of the house at the time, felt helpless when he saw flames racing up the ridge near the home. 

“Wake up Sarah!” Hulce screamed through the intercom, which was focused on the living room. Meanwhile, Sarah was asleep in the bedroom.

“I didn’t know how loud it was. We’ve never used it before, so I had to make sure that she heard me, so that’s why I was so loud and screaming,” Hulce said. “I was thinking the absolute worst.”

Sarah eventually woke up and came to the camera. She quickly realized what was going on. 

“All of a sudden this noise was coming out of the speakers. Something I’ve never heard of in my whole entire life,” Sarah said. “But never in my wildest dreams would I ever think — would I hear, ‘Sarah, get out of the house. There’s a huge fire coming up the hillside.’”

Fortunately, the fire was extinguished before it damaged the home. The dramatic incident happened in April, but the video was just released. 

“It’s tough. My voice is shaking just thinking about it. That was a rough day — a really, really rough day,” Hulce said. 

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