Original Gerber Baby Meets the Newest One

There is a 90-year age gap between the two!

Gerber helped organize a historical meeting between the oldest and the youngest faces of its famed baby food, who have a 90-year age difference.

The moment came as Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, met her latest successor, Lucas Warren.

The two caught up with each other while the Warren family was on vacation in Florida, where Cook resides. Gerber helped the pair connect.

Cook’s grandson, Chris Colin, posted a picture of the two on Twitter, sharing bright smiles as Lucas sat on the 91-year-old's lap.

The tweet has since gone viral, with more than 8,000 retweets and over 66,500 likes.

Colin joked that his grandmother had not received any perks as the first Gerber baby.

“It was a funny bit of trivia, never made her rich or got us free strained peas or anything," he said in the tweet.

The baby product company also posted the endearing photo on their Facebook.

"Those iconic Gerber smiles," the company posted.

Cook became the face of Gerber in 1931 when a charcoal photo of her at 4 months old, was submitted to the company.

Lucas became the first Gerber spokesbaby with Down syndrome in February, when he beat out more than 140,000 candidates.

The adorable tot will be celebrating his second birthday next month.