Orphaned Baby Alpaca Happily Explores Farm in Germany With Its Custom Wheelchair

There are plans to get Maria a prosthetic leg in the future, but for now, she’s thriving.

Marie is young, but she’s already been through a lot. The baby alpaca survived a difficult birth that resulted in both her mother and sister dying. She was also born with two severely damaged hind legs. But that didn’t stop Ronja Pohl from helping Marie get on her feet.

The 20-year-old took Marie to the vet, where she got one of her legs amputated. Ronja could see that Marie had a fighting spirit from birth, so she went into action.

She contacted a company that makes wheelchairs for disabled animals, and ever since, Maria has been on the go. She is now as happy as can be roaming a farm in Germany and greeting other animals with the help of a custom wheelchair.

There are plans in the future to get Marie a prosthetic leg, but for now, because she got the love and support she needed, she’s happy and thriving.