From That Oscars Flub to Gaga's High-Flying Super Bowl, 2017's Top Celebrity Moments

Here are the celebrities that had us abuzz this year.

In 2017, Americans were glued to their televisions, witnessing some extraordinary moments in entertainment. 

Viewers were stunned after Lady Gaga’s high-flying aerobics at the Super Bowl had everyone going gaga.

It was a perfect performance, complete with 300 drones used to create an overhead Stars and Stripes. The diva jumped from the top of NRG Stadium in Houston and was lowered by cables. 

Gaga was praised for keeping politics out of the half time show and she opted for a theme of national unity just weeks after Donald Trump won a bitter and divisive presidential election. 

With all of this year's drama, who could blame talk show host Wendy Williams from getting a little overheated. Williams, dressed as the Statue Of Liberty, passed out during her Halloween show.  

Few gaffes could beat the now-infamous Oscar mix-up that went down on live TV. Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway called out the wrong Best Picture winner in one of the biggest blunders in Academy Awards history.

Two minutes and thirty seconds into the cast of La La Land's onstage celebration, total chaos erupted. It was then announced that Moonlight was in fact the Best Picture winner not the whimsical musical about jazz.  

Both La La Land producers and their counterparts in Moonlight handled the confusion with class. 

Then there was the TV moment that made the world smile as Prince Harry introduced American actress Meghan Markle to the world as his fiancée in November. It was a moment that officially began a countdown to the big royal wedding scheduled for May 2018.