‘Outrageous’ Hit Between Kids in Youth Football Drill Prompts Removal of Coach

The shocking hit occurred last fall, but video of it is just now surfacing. The coach was removed from the team after the league launched an investigation.

A hit between two boys during youth football practice is drawing widespread condemnation. In the drill, which was captured on video, the ball carrier lowered his head, then slammed into the other kid’s head, knocking him down. 

The boy, from the Weddington Titans pee wee team in North Carolina, looked shaken after the brutal tackle.

The shocking and potentially dangerous collision between the young players happened last fall, but the video is just now coming to light. The league launched an investigation and the coach was removed from his position.

"This was deemed not an acceptable drill for this age group or the experience level of these players,” said a statement from the Weddington, North Carolina Athletic Association. 

There is also growing condemnation from social media and the sports world.

"Who in their right minds thought this was a good idea for this age? Horrible,” one person posted on social media.

ESPN personality Taylor Twellman said, “Whoever is responsible for this should be put in jail. Immediately."

One former pro football player tweeted the hit was exactly the reason he didn't allow his kids to play the sport until he retired and could be there to personally make sure they were coached safely.

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