Owners Spring Into Action to Save Chihuahua Attacked by Coyote

Kerri and Larry Ruiz came to the rescue, with Kerri grabbing a secret weapon: an airhorn.

First came the desperate barking, then a frightening sight: a coyote chasing a chihuahua through its backyard catches up and chomps down on the poor little pup.

The coyote starts to make a getaway with the dog still in its jaws, but homeowners Kerri and Larry Ruiz came to the rescue.

Horrified by watching the life and death struggle of their beloved pet, Kerri sprang into action.

She grabbed a secret weapon, an airhorn, and gave it a blast. 

Little Chico the chihuahua suffered a broken rib and scratches, but he's lucky to be alive.

He has since recovered and is happy and healthy. 

The coyote had been able to jump the backyard fence in the Chatsworth, California, neighborhood. From now on, Chico's owners say they will never leave their dogs unattended. 

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