Paige Winter, 17-Year-Old Who Lost Leg in Shark Attack, Reflects on Life in New ABC Special

Last year, the teen was attacked by a shark off the coast of North Carolina.

Paige Winter, a 17-year-old who last year lost her leg and two fingers in a shark attack in North Carolina, recounted the aftermath of the ordeal in a new ABC special with Robin Roberts. Roberts followed the teen for an entire year for "Shark Attack: The Paige Winter Story," which aired Thursday night.

Paige relived the moment that forever changed her life.

"Like it spit my hands out, it was like 'ew, gross,' then put my leg back in its mouth, like 'this is what I want,'" Paige said.

The special also features Paige's father, who punched the shark five times to ward off the attack.

"To hear them say that they have to take your kid's leg, god," he said.

The special followed the teen as she returned to school and greeted her friends with her new prosthetic leg. Paige was also up for homecoming queen.

"I was aware from the beginning, nothing's gonna be the same ever again. Like, I'm still Paige, just a little different," she said.