Panic-Stricken Patrons Stuck Inside Colorado Chuck E. Cheese as Fire Rages Around Them

Chuck E Fire
Inside Edition

How they managed to get out is simply a miracle.

Fire has swept through parts of Colorado and some of the panic was captured on video as the inferno marched toward a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant outside Boulder.

Footage of the incident showed worried kids and parents as they ran to the exit, but questioned if they should evacuate. It's at the door they realize they're stuck inside as an 110 mile per hour wind gust bears down on the restaurant, trapping them.

Eventually, the patrons are able to break free and run to safety as sirens are heard blaring around them.

Heidi Francom and Jason Fletcher were with their son and shot the harrowing video.

Heidi told Inside Edition she put all of her weight into the door and it was a “God given moment” that they were able to open it. She added that she was “just in mom mode” in order to get her kid safe.

Another video shows shoppers frantically evacuating a Costco.

Outside, the shoppers were met with wild wind, blinding smoke and ash. Shoppers scrambled to find their cars as they suddenly found themselves in urgent need to evacuate.

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