Paraguay's Maria Clara Sosa Faints After Being Named Miss Grand International

The Paraguayan contestant was overcome after learning she was Miss Grand International.

A beauty contestant from Paraguay swooned and then fainted after being named Miss Grand International.

Maria Clara Sosa was apparently overcome after hearing her name announced by the show's emcee. She was holding hands with runner-up Meenakshi Chaudhary of India when she swayed and toppled. Chaudhary tried to help, but Sosa landed hard on the floor.

The 24-year-old quickly recovered, straightening her dress and stooping to receive her crown and sash, then striding down the runway in Myanmar.

Several officials and fellow competitors rushed to help Sosa, who later appeared fine.

After college, she attended law school and is a professional chef. Her dream, she said, is to someday open her own restaurant.

After winning, she said she wanted to visit U.S. President Donald Trump to ask him to be "an example of peace, love and tolerance."