Paranormal Investigator Renovates 'The Conjuring' House for Future Tours

A new family has taken over the house that inspired “The Conjuring,” and they're documenting the activity going on inside.

A new family has taken over the house that inspired the horror film “The Conjuring,” and they're documenting the activity going on inside.

Paranormal investigator Cory Heinzen recently bought the 18th-century house with his wife, Jennifer, and his son, Kyler. The family has been recording their time inside the Rhode Island house, searching for paranormal evidence.

Cory said he and his wife had looked forward to the responsibility of running such an iconic home.

"It's a piece of history, both American history and paranormal history. ... And it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own something that falls into both categories, so we decided, you know, you only live once so why not take a chance at it,” said Cory.

The family is restoring the house, with plans to open it up to the public for tours.

"All these people that just love the paranormal, they just wanted a peak of it so why not give them a peak and let them come in and experience it for themselves,” Cory said.

Paranormal author Andrea Perron used to live in the home in the 1970s with her family, where they had experienced multiple paranormal occurrences. "The Conjuring" is based loosely on her family's experience inside the house and with paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.

“My mother almost paid with her life,” said Perron. “She was picked up in a chair she was sitting in and tossed 25 feet between our dining room and our parlor. Everyone in the family and everyone in the house heard my mother's skull hit the floor, we thought we had just seen her die.”

Perron visited the Heinzens at their new — and her old — home, and she said she is excited about the house being opened to all.

“I’m back in the house in a big way,” said Perron. “I’m welcomed lovingly by this wonderful family and that I couldn't be happier to be here.”

The Heinzen family claims to have experienced some supernatural activity already. This includes doors opening on their own and noises throughout the house which are being documented 24/7 by cameras throughout the house.

"There's ways to gather evidence now that did not exist when we lived here," Perron said. "I'm thrilled and delighted because every piece of evidence they collect is more validation and vindication of my family's story. And for that, I am very grateful indeed."