Parents' Insurance Company Pays Out $107,000 After Kansas Boy Knocks Over Statue

Video of the incident quickly went viral.

After a video of a child in Kansas knocking over a $132,000 statue went viral, his parents’ insurance company has paid out a whopping $107,000 for the damage.

Video from the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in Overland Park shows two children playing around the sculpture on May 18 before one of the children tries to hug the artwork, sending it toppling to the floor.

The parents of the boy were reportedly in another room attending a wedding reception when the accident happened.

The $107,000 check that the family’s insurance company issued two weeks ago reimbursed the city for all but the $25,000 deductible in the city's insurance policy, city spokesman Sean Reilly told

Reilly said $99,000 of the money will go to the artist who created the statue, which is what it would have sold for because the city gets a 25 percent commission on sales.

“It’s an unfortunate situation, but it has been resolved,” Reilly added.

The boy’s mother, Sarah Goodman, told the Kansas City star that she didn’t know the payment went out and wondered if "there was a thorough investigation to validate the value of the artwork."

Goodman previously told ABC15 that she received a letter from the center's insurance company saying they owed the money because they were "negligent for not monitoring their children."

“My children are well-supervised but all people get distracted," Goodman said.

She said she believed the fee requested by the community center was "completely astronomical."