Parents of 12 Weep With Joy After East Idaho Secret Santa Gifts Them New Van | Inside Edition

Parents of 12 Weep With Joy After East Idaho Secret Santa Gifts Them New Van

The parents of 12 children in east Idaho weep with joy after Secret Santa delivers a new van.

The parents of 12 children, many of them adopted, burst into tears of joy after a new van was delivered to them, courtesy of a Secret Santa in east Idaho.

Misty and Ben Ashley love kids, and the family they've created ranges in age from 1 to 17. Both Ben and Misty work long hours. Ben wakes up around 4 a.m. and often doesn't get home until after 10 p.m. Misty works nights and returns home around 1 a.m.

But they don't complain, even after the 15-passenger van they purchased from a junk yard gave up the ghost and has been marooned in their driveway for months. 

Enter the Secret Santa who donates hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to residents in need.

The EastIdahoNews media site helps select recipients and delivers gifts for him. The native Idahoan, whose identity remains a mystery, has been anonymously aiding fellow residents since 2015.

"Secret Santa has a big gift for this next family and when I say big, I mean big," the news agency's Nate Eaton told viewers as he prepared to knock on the family's door. 

First, Eaton presented the family with a $10,000 gift certificate to buy much-needed furniture for the enormous tribe. "Holy friggin' crap," uttered a stunned Misty. 

Then, Eaton led them all outside to show them their brand new, white van. Ben was speechless. Overcome with tears, the hard-working dad covered his face with his T-shirt. The couple's children clambered aboard, delighted to know that for the first time in months, the entire clan could go somewhere at the same time.

"We couldn't find a more deserving family," Eaton told the ecstatic family.

"Thank you," a weeping Ben was finally able to muster.