Paris Lowers Speed Limit to in an Attempt to Fight Climate Change

In addition to burning less fossil fuel, the new regulation also aims to increase traffic safety and to be more pedestrian-friendly.

If it’s a dream to race through the streets of Paris at some point, it’s time to let that dream die.

Officials in the French capital have imposed a new, low speed limit for the City of Light. It will now be 30 kilometers, or 19 miles an hour.

The new regulation has a few goals. Traffic safety is one of them. And also, to be more pedestrian-friendly.

And, since Paris is the home of the Paris Agreement, aimed at addressing climate change in part through a reduction of fossil fuel use, there’s an environmental factor as well.

The slower someone goes, the less fossil fuel they're burning. The less fossil fuel being burned, the fewer greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere.

Not everybody is a fan of the new speed limit. Taxi and delivery-truck drivers say the move will cut into their bottom line. Others are in favor.

The new law goes into effect this week.

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