Passenger Opened Plane's Emergency Exit Thinking It Was the Bathroom

The flight eventually took off seven hours later.
Getty Images

This isn't the first time an incident of this sort has happened.

A bathroom emergency took on a new meaning when a woman accidentally opened an airplane's emergency exit, which she apparently mistook for the restroom. 

The Pakistan International Airlines flight was headed to Pakistan from Manchester, but suffered severe delays when the passenger opened the emergency exit door while the flight was still on the ground. 

The airplane’s evacuation slide quickly shot out, according to Gulf News. 

Passengers then had to deplane and were given free dinner for the inconvenience, according to reports. It wasn’t until seven hours later that the flight was able to take off again.

Some passengers had to stay behind and wait for another flight due to the plane’s decrease in evacuation capacity after the incident, however, The Washington Post reported.

It’s not clear how the woman made the flub, but this isn’t the first time someone has done so. 

Last year, a man was arrested on a domestic flight in India after he attempted to open the emergency exit. He also reportedly thought it was a bathroom, but he was wrestled away from the door by passengers.