Paul Manafort, Trump's Former Campaign Manager, Pleads Not Guilty to 12 Federal Charges

Paul Manafort.

The charges do not mention the Trump campaign, but instead detail Manafort's alleged relationship with a political party in Ukraine.

President Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and Manafort's ex-business associate, Rick Gates, have pleaded not guilty during their arraignments on federal charges related to a government investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

The 12-count indictments brought Monday against Manafort and Gates include charges of conspiracy against the United States, conspiracy to launder money, giving false and misleading statements to federal officials and failure to file reports on foreign bank and financial accounts.

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The charges do not mention the Trump campaign, but instead detail the pair's alleged relationship with a political party in Ukraine.

The indictment alleges that between 2006 and 2015, Manafort and Gates laundered money through U.S. and foreign corporations, partnerships and bank accounts. More than $75 million passed through offshore accounts, according to the indictment.

The government sought a $10 million bond for Manafort and $5 million bail for Gates.

A third former Trump staffer, George Papadopoulos, pleaded guilty to making false statements to the FBI, the Justice Department announced. 

Manafort enjoyed a "lavish lifestyle" using "hidden wealth" overseas but did not pay taxes on that money, the indictment said.

Manafort left his apartment in Alexandria, Va., Monday morning with his lawyer and made his way to the Washington office of the FBI to surrender.

An investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been looking into any links between Russia and the Trump campaign.

It emerged late last week that a federal grand jury used by Mueller had approved the first charges stemming from the investigation, but those facing charges were not immediately named.

Manafort was Trump's campaign manager from March until August 2016. His home was raided by the FBI earlier this year.

He's previously denied all wrongdoing, calling any connection between him and Russia "absurd."

President Trump took to Twitter, posting "Sorry, but this is years ago, before Paul Manafort was part of the Trump campaign.But why aren't crooked Hillary & the Dems the focus?????"

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters the charges have "nothing to do with the president."