Peacocks, Penguins And Stampedes, Oh My! Animal Stories That Made Headlines in 2021

A lucky little penguin, some loud peacocks and the "worst dog in America" were some of the animals stories to make headlines this year.

Judging by all the animals caught on tape, 2021 was a pretty wild year! From peacocks to penguins, these are some of the animal stories that made headlines.

Remember when hundreds of peacocks took over a Los Angeles neighborhood? The colorful majestic birds caused quite a raucous with their mating calls.

And one North Carolina couple is lucky to be alive after a rabid bobcat attacked them in their driveway.

Kristi Wade's hero husband, aptly named Happy, jumped into action and saved her.

“Its mouth was open and it was going at her neck. I was just able to shove my hand in there and it bit me on my arm,” Happy told Inside Edition.

Then there was a very lucky penguin, who was captured on camera swimming for his life to get away from a pack of killer whales looking for lunch. He ran to find shelter on a tourist boat, missing on his first jump, but making it on the second try.

And who could forget Prancer the chihuahua? He looked innocent enough, but was dubbed the “worst dog in America” when he was put up for adoption.

He hated people — mostly men, which Inside Edition senior correspondent Les Trent found out first hand.

It was also full of heartwarming animal moments, like when a group of beluga whales made the journey from an overcrowded aquarium in Canada to the Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. 

And in 2022, may we all find as much joy as a group of adorable dogs did at their pool party! Check out the video in the player above to see them splashing around.

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