Pedestrian Struck in Fatal Crash, Driver Continues for 38 Miles With Body in Passenger Seat, Police Say

Texas Driver Hits Pedestrian, Continues For 38 Miles With Body in Car
Nester Flores, 31, told police he thought he had hit a deer, authorities said.White Settlement Police Department

A Texas driver slammed into a pedestrian, who flew through windshield, police said. The driver continued for 38 miles with victim's body in passenger seat before stopping in fast-food parking lot, authorities said.

A Texas man has been arrested after he allegedly slammed his car into a pedestrian, then drove 38 miles with the victim's body in the passenger seat, police said.

Nester Flores, 31, was arrested in the parking lot of a Jack in the Box fast-food franchise after police received a call from a patron who reported a man slumped over the steering wheel inside a car that was extensively damaged, authorities said.

Flores told responding officers he thought he had hit a deer, police said. In the passenger seat was a dead man missing some body parts, police said. The car's hood was caved in and the windshield was nearly gone, authorities said.

"When you're impaired to this level, where you hit a pedestrian on the roadway and you think it's an animal, that's a significant impairment and, in all my 28 years, I have never really worked a case like this," White Settlement Chief of Police Christopher Cook said at a press conference Sunday.

Flores is being held at the White Settlement Police Jail, pending the results of blood tests to determine if he was intoxicated, police said. He has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter.

The investigation has been turned over to the Dallas County Sheriff's Office, Cook said. 

Deputies there are investigating a crash near Interstate 30, where human remains were found, the chief said. Authorities said it is believed to be the spot where Flores hit the pedestrian. Forensic analyses are being conducted to determine if the human remains are from the same victim, Cook said.

The driver did not seem to realize that there was a body inside his vehicle, Cook said, and allegedly reported that he thought he had hit a deer in the Dallas area, nearly 40 miles away.

"How this man that was driving could operate a vehicle like that, and drive 40 miles with a human being in the vehicle, thinking that somehow this was an animal," was baffling to investigators, Cook said.

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